Selected Paintings

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Dawn:Liminal Waking, oil/panel, 48"X48", 2016


Triage, oil/panel, 44"X44", 2016


Convergence, oil/panel, 48"X48", 2016


Luminens, oil/panel, 40"X40", 2016


If You Lit a Hundred Fires, oil/panel, 44"X44", 2016


Cinnabar Spring oil/panel, 40"X40", 2016


Metabolic Yellow, oil/panel, 40"X40", 2016

Teresa Cullen Sound of Things II

Sound of Things II, oil/panel, 36X36", 2015

SoundofThings Teresa Cullen

Sound of Things I, oil on panel, 36X36", 2015

AirofMystery Teresa Cullen

Air of Mystery, oil/panel, 40"X40", 2015

Inside Out painting

Inside Out, oil/panel, 40"X40", 2014

painting Teresa Cullen Wasaga Blue

Wasaga - Deep Blue, oil/panel, 48X48", 2013

Kinam, oil/panel, 40"X40", 2014

Somewhere, oil/panel, 30"X30", 2014

Improbable, oil/panel, 40"X40", 2013

Once in A Lifetime, oil/panel, 44"X44", 2013

Teresa Cullen painting

Places Unknown, oil/panel, 40X40", 2013

painting blue arctic Teresa Cullen

Polar Sea, oil/panel, 16X16", 2012

"Simplicity of shape does not necessarily equate with simplicity of experience." Robert Morris