"She's a process-oriented artist who deploys adept painterly techniques and deft compositions to create her complicated and highly intelligent images... the metaphysical is also at play in her studio practices." Gilbert A. Bouchard, The Edmonton Journal

My aesthetic practice appears to reflect the formal traditions of western minimalist art and eastern-influenced contemplative view. Informally, my internal voice often speaks these words: stillness and spacial awareness; the wisdom of Nature; perception; looking and seeing; the root of momentary and captured experience; dynamic space; contemplation; intuitive inspiration; the interplay of space, light, form, texture and my interactions with such; sense perceptions; water/sky/object; internalized abstracted space.

I have moments of recognition with the innate wisdom of Agnes Martin, for example:
"My paintings are not about what is seen....they are about what is known forever in the mind. These paintings are explorations of the mind.”

Other contemporary artists & recognized movements can elicit moments of knowing for me: Pat Steir, Anish Kapoor, Bill Viola, Anne Wilson, Jackie Winsor, Teresita Fernandes, Lyrical Abstraction, Minimalism/Post-Minimalism, as well as considerations in the vast field of transpersonal and consciousness studies. This list is by no means complete. My approach to life is to stay vulnerable, to encounter, to simplify, and to learn.

My home and studio is in Oro-Medonte, Ontario. I share life and soul conversation with my long-time partner, Canadian artist and musician Robert Marchessault (

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